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The Best Foam Padded Baby Play Mats that look like rugs in Australia

Rugabub - complementing your style

We believe that if your home isn’t a welcoming, nurturing environment the minute you walk through the door, maybe it is time for a change. Having kids can easily change the interiors in your home, but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your oasis.

For your own well-being (and family’s), we believe that your home should welcome you with open arms! Creating a space where stress and strains can melt away, a space where you can rejuvenate and soak some precious moments with your family “in the comfort of your home”. Where you can feel most at ease, and simply be.

Rugabub had all that in mind while creating the ultimate play mats for your sanctuary.

Our designs are timeless and simple, but still carry with them just a hint of sophistication in the most stylish and chic approach; We still keep our designs neutral enough to go with anything.

Rather than ADDING a play mat to your home (just because you need one, even if the design is minimal), why not get a Rugabub Play Mat that was designed to be A PART of your home, a play mat that complements your space.

We have created safe play mats that allows you to show off your beautiful home, furniture, artwork and creative space; a play mat that can improve the visual appeal of your space as well as your decorative elements. 

Living in an uncluttered environment also reducing the toxins and dust building up in and around your stuff and we are all for that.

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