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Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to PO Box or Parcel Lockers

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Our luxe foam padded baby play mats are made out of premium quality memory foam. As such, after unboxing your Rugabub play mat, it may need some time to relax, settle and adjust to its designed form. You can speed this process up by rolling the play mat in the opposite direction, re-strapping and placing it back into the box for a night or two.

Rugabub play mats come with 2 velcro straps. Ensure you hold on to them as they are so convenient for moving, storing or transporting. 

Wipe clean with a soapy cloth or mild detergent.

Avoid the use of harsh detergents, oils (such as citrus, eucalyptus and essential oils), alcohol, bleach or grainy cleaners (such as Jif or Gumption) as they may discolour, fade or cause damage to the top coating. Some other natural spray agents can damage your play mat too.  

We suggest cleaning the play mat with a mild detergent that is not alcoholic or acidic (including wet wipes).  

All spills must be wiped clean immediately including poop, vomit & urine as they may cause stains and even fade due to the acidity.

Overtime, you may notice minor discolouring of the play mats. Sunlight, improper cleaning and exposure to high temperatures are the main causes. 

Our play mats are intended to be used on a smooth surface. Sharp objects may
puncture, tear or graze the outer layer.

Heavy objects are not to be placed on the play mat for long periods of time, as they will cause irreparable damage. 

Pens, crayons, permanent markers, paints and textas can easily permanently mark the play mat and need to be avoided. 

Avoid hot properties such as heaters, fire-places, hot liquid etc… 

 Our play mats are intended for indoor use, however, should all precautions be met, and for short periods of time, they can also be enjoyed outdoors. Please make sure you choose a shaded and protected spot with a smooth surface. 

We love all furry friends big and small, however pets can cause damage with sharp claws and teeth. 

Avoid steam cleaning. 

Avoid vacuuming.

Our play mats are made without any toxic plasticisers and chemical/colour stabilisers. The heat-sealing process may cause a slight discolouring of the outer edges of the play mat. This is not a fault but a feature of the premium quality and material that we use. 

We have also eliminated all harsh, & toxic preserving chemicals (like PVC) from our play mats, which may lead to slight yellow discolouration over-time, which is more pronounced around the outer edges because of the heat sealing mentioned above.

Warranty is invalid if the faults are caused by improper use of the play mats or failure to respect the cleaning and care instructions. 

Please let dry after wiping clean, as this can cause a slip hazard.   

Please allow the play mat to flatten as suggested above to avoid a trip hazard.