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Why Everyone's Choosing Rugabub's Play Mats

Rugabub's Foam Padded Baby Play Mats effortlessly combine practicality and aesthetic appeal, seamlessly blending the appearance of a stylish rug with the functionality of a comfortable squishy, eco friendly, non-toxic and wipe-clean play mat. The Play Mats' soft tones serve as a subtle yet sophisticated addition to any home decor, providing a versatile backdrop that effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles. Whether placed in a nursery, living room, or play area, the play mat's soothing colour palettes create a serene atmosphere while ensuring a safe and cosy space for little ones to play and explore. With Rugabub Play Mats, you can enjoy the best of both worlds - a chic design element that harmonizes with your home and a plush surface that enhances the comfort and safety of your baby's/child's playtime activities.

Rugabub Play Mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable


100% Biodegradable Play Mats

Rugabub Play Mats are made from TPU, are non-toxic, free from BPA, PVC and are eco-friendly


PVC & BPA Free Play Mats

Rugabub Play Mats are made from premium quality memory foam core that is 15mm thick

15mm thick

Double-Sided Play Mats

Rugabub Play Mats are designed in Australia


Play Mats Designed in Sydney

Rugabub Play Mats are certified safe for newborns

Certified for Newborns

Play Mats Individually Tested

Rugabub Play Mats are Waterproof and easy to clean

Easy to clean

Play Mats You Can Wipe Down

Rugabub Play Mats are soft and squishy

Light Weight

Play Mats are Soft & Squishy

Rugabub Play Mats are Safe for the whole family

Loved by all

Play Mats Designed for families

limited edition

The Ocean Road Play Mat

Read all about the minimal design by clicking here.

Rugabub's Baby Play Mat Awards

Rugabub play mats have consistently clinched numerous awards due to their exceptional blend of innovation, safety, and design. These baby play mats stand out for their commitment to providing a safe and stimulating environment for children's play. Crafted with high-quality, non-toxic materials, Rugabub baby play mats ensure a worry-free playtime experience for all babies, kids and parents. Their imaginative and chic designs not only capture children's attention but also foster creativity and learning. The play mats' durability and easy-to-clean features cater to the practical needs of families. Rugabub's thoughtful incorporation of developmental elements into their designs, coupled with their dedication to quality, has undoubtedly earned them a reputation as a leader in the play mat industry, reflected through their consistent recognition and awards.

Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play mat Award
neutral road map play mat with car track and train track
the best tpu foam padded baby play mats in Australia that are non-toxic, waterproof, non-toxic, thick  and eco friendly

Our Play Mats

Designed in Australia and influenced by the aesthetics of modern timeless interiors, we aimed to incorporate elements into our multi-award-winning luxe padded foam baby play mats that mirror the qualities we personally appreciate in products for our household and loved ones.

TPU Baby Play Mats:

  • Environmentally friendly and free from PVC, BPA, and lead.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Resistant to water and easy to wipe clean.
  • Featuring stylish, reversible timeless and fun designs.
  • Versatile for playtime, tummy time, playdates, and even parents. Great for Yoga and Pilates.
  • Winners of numerous esteemed accolades in the fields of design, sustainability, cleanliness, and conscientious practices.

As seen in

stylish foam baby play mat that is eco-friendly and biodegradable, waterproof, safe, non-toxic and looks like a designer rug - black and white

Rugabub Play Mats care about you, your child’s safety, and the environment!

Rugabub Play Mats are made of the utmost sustainable and non-toxic material available to the industry. The next-level innovative TPU foam that we use, has been extensively tested to comply with, and exceed International Toy Safety Standards. To view the report, click here.

As parents, our children’s health & safety is priority. Exposer to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead and hormone-disrupting chemicals like phthalates (which is found in PVC) is unacceptable. If you are like us, we highly recommend asking companies that sell baby products if they use PVC.

Not only do we care about you and your child’s safety, but also the environment. Proudly, Rugabub Play Mats are made from eco-friendly & biodegradable materials that will break down over-time. We have eliminated all harsh, & toxic preserving chemicals (like PVC) from our play mats, which may lead to slight yellow discolouration over-time, which is more pronounced around the outer edges. To prolong the life of your play mat, we recommend reading and following our Play Mat Care Guide. We care about our own children, and the world that we leave behind for them, which is the reason for the highly sustainable products we offer and would want to ensure that our customers are aware of this before purchasing any of our play mats. 

The reviews are in, and we're floored by the love for our baby play mats!

award winning soft foam reversable padded play mats in both large and round sizes are the safest, Eco friendly, waterproof playmats available for your baby. Perfect as a nursery rug and as a tummy time playmat.

Living Area Play Mat

Play Mats designed to complement your home.

play mat logo
baby play mat gingham

Nursery Play Mat

The Play Mat creates a safe and cosy space to explore

play mat logo

Playroom Play Mat

Our play mats provide essential cushioning, safeguarding against accidental falls and bumps as your baby learns to sit, crawl, and explore their surroundings already at two months of age.

play mat logo

Double-Sided Play Mats

Award-winning play mat designs. An aesthetic side and a playful side for the whole family to enjoy.

Rugabub Wins Good Design Award for baby playmate
baby play mat gingham

Family Time Play Mat

Designed for the whole family to enjoy. You won't beleive how much time you will be spending on your Rugabub Play Mat together.

play mat logo
A Neutral and Soft Pink luxe foam padded baby playmat that is double sided, earth-friendly, waterproof and non-toxic.

Tummy Time Play Mat

Our play mats give freedom to move around unrestricted, fostering independence and motor skill development from an early age. Moreover, the padded area of the large play mat provides essential cushioning, safeguarding against accidental falls and bumps as your baby learns to sit, crawl, and explore their surroundings already at two months of age.

play mat logo

The Ocean Road Play Mat

The fun reversed side of most of our play mats


Want to know more about our Play Mats? These are the most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at hello@rugabub.com.au