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Rugabub Play Mats - Our Story

Hi there!

We are a family of three. Free spirited lovers of travel, culture and the outdoors who left a life of adventure in the Kimberley living in a tent (!!) for the next adventure; our tiny apartment nestled in the sunny buzz of Bondi.

We encountered challenges in sourcing a baby play mat free from harmful substances, while still maintaining a balance of style and child-friendliness. We aimed to uphold our commitment to the environment, preserve the aesthetics of our living space, and nurture creativity without compromise. 

We appreciate spaces that strike a harmonious balance between sophistication and comfort. Our belief is that home should serve as a comforting sanctuary, where one can seek refuge, connect, and thrive peacefully every day. We think that the space that you create in your home has a big influence on how you and your kids feel at home, meaning that you should not need to compromise on your oasis. We advocate for safe play without sacrificing quality. 

As our family room serves as our primary gathering and play area, we meticulously select furniture and decor. Despite encountering numerous geometric designs that didn't quite fit our vision, we also found that many play mats lacked a child-friendly aspect. So many parents are focused on the aesthetics of their home, that they forget that this is a PLAY mat for the kids. We combined the two worlds together.

RUGABUB was born from an unwavering dedication to detail. Our products embody elegance that not only encourages play but also prioritises the well-being of children, parents, and the environment.

Drawing upon Dana's keen sense of style and design, coupled with a passion for innovation, we collaborated closely with our talented designers to develop play mats that are not only the safest but also durable, soft, and exquisitely chic, with meticulous attention to detail. We have been approached by buyers within a couple months of opening the business and have clinched the most prestigious awards for our dedication to quality, design & sustainability becoming leaders in the industry.

Our obsession with fine-looking play mats has translated into an astoundingly diverse collection. From colourful ethnic parades to casual & cool, plush beachy naturals to classic and soft, we endeavour to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every mat we offer. 

We sincerely hope you love our baby play mats as much as we do and extend our gratitude for supporting our incredible loved venture!

baby play mat gingham

Perfect for nurseries

The play mat giving your little one a safe and cosy space to explore

Double-Sided Play Mat

Award-winning designs. An aesthetic side and a fun side for the whole family.

Play Mat Award
baby play mat gingham

A Family Play Mat

You will not believe of much time you will spend as a family on our play mats. We hope that you create the most magical memories together on it.

Australia award winning soft foam padded play mats in both large and round sizes are the safest, Eco friendly, non-toxic, waterproof playmats available for your baby. Perfect as a nursery rug and as a tummy time playmat.

Perfect for Living Spaces

Designed to complement your home.

Play Mat Award

Come and join the Rugabub Collective.

Our mission is YOU and the safety of your growing family.