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Baby Play Mat

Detail Matters

Intricate pattern, enduring quality, and one-of-a-kind artistry that really make us stand out of the crowd.

Behind the Brand

Hi there!

We are a family of three. Free spirited lovers of travel, culture and the outdoors who left a life of adventure in the Kimberley living in a tent (!!) for the next adventure; our tiny apartment nestled in the sunny buzz of Bondi.

We found it challenging to find a play mat that is without all the nasties, but still both stylish and kid-friendly, so that we don't need to compromise on the eco system, our space and creativity at home. 

We love spaces that feel put-together, yet liveable. We believe home should be a welcome sanctuary – your favourite place to shelter, to assemble, to live calmly and happy every day. We think that the space that you create in your home has a big influence on how you and your kids feel at home, meaning that you should not need to compromise on your oasis. We believe in safe play without compromise.  

Our family room is the main area where we all hang out and play, so we need to be very selective with the furniture and items that we pick.  We found many geometric styles that just didn't look right and most play mats were lacking a kiddie play side too (not compromising goes both ways, right?!)

Many of the play mats we did find were made of PVC - chemicals that we didn't want our kid exposed to, or made out of XPE/EPE (like the puzzle mats) that aren't as durable, shock absorbent or flexible as TPU is (we want our product to last for years). We didn't want to use latex as it was too risky for allergies, or rubber that gets all sticky and dirty. We wanted something resilient that us adults can use as well. Looking towards the future (what world we want our children to live in) it was really important to us to create a mat that is biodegradable. After years of research, we finally found the material that ticked all the boxes.

So with an unfettered approach to detail, RUGABUB was founded. Elegance that respects play, respects parents and respects the environment.

Dana has always had the eye for style and design, and an adventurous appetite for innovation. Working closely with our amazing designers, we created play mats that are THE SAFEST, durable, soft, elegantly chic & stylish with an enormous attention to detail.

So, our obsession with fine-looking play mats has translated into an astoundingly diverse collection. From colourful ethnic parades to casual & cool, plush beachy naturals to classic and soft, we endeavour to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every mat we offer.

We hope you love them as much as we do and want to thank you for supporting our business!