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The word minimalism is so easily thrown out there when designing products for homes. There is a misconception that minimalism means free of texture or pattern. That minimalism is just plain or ordinary...

Here at Rugabub, we believe that minimalism does not mean boring. More people prefer to live a life of simplicity. People are farewelling their clutter and integrating a cleaner life. They’re investing in fine-looking pieces that complement their space, they are looking for pieces that are durable, rather than filling their home with meaningless objects.

Simplifying too much can leave your space cold and uninviting. Adding something that you need that doesn’t complement your interior can feel like clutter.

This is where Rugabub comes in.

Our designs are timeless and simple, but still carry with them just a hint of sophistication in the most stylish manner. We still keep our designs neutral enough to go with anything.

Rather than ADDING a play mat to your home (because you need one, even if the design is minimal), WHY NOT FIND A PLAY MAT THAT COMPLEMENTS YOUR SPACE? 

Rugabub was designed to be a part of your home. Not an addition to your home 🤍🤍

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