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Rugabub Play Mats look great in the nursery

Choosing the best Play Mat in 2023

Here at Rugabub, we believe in so much more than just providing a “family must-have” product. We know that nearly every home will end up buying a play mat for their family, and that not only will the baby, but the whole family be spending a great deal of time on it.

With so much time spent on the play mat (tummy-time, nakie time, learning to crawl, play time, learning to sit, dancing, reading, exercising, yoga, etc…), this will become one of your most important purchases, and you want it to last for years.

We wanted to tick all the boxes and had all this in mind while creating the ultimate play mats for your family, but also for your home. Rest assure that we have meticulously designed every aspect of this mat to ensure you get the best in the market.

  1. We wanted the right material.

As parents we only want the best for our own children and our planet (we want to leave a better world for them, so we wanted material that is waterproof, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and free of all the nasties) and in doing so, the only choice was to use the way more expensive TPU (polyurethane) instead of the inferior PVC (poly-vinyl chloride).

We chose to use TPU because it eliminates the harmful and toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, formamide, cadmium, PBP’s and PBDE’s. TPU was developed to be a safer alternative to PVC. PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium and/or organotins, which can be toxic to you or your child's health. TPU is not toxic and is safe in many applications. It is even used in biomedical applications. Since our play mats are made without any plasticisers or chemical/colour stabilisers, our mats are safe for our little ones and also for the planet. They are independently tested and certified to exceed ISO (Australian) and meet EN71-3 (European) standards.

  • Latex: was too risky for allergies.
  • Cotton: needs to go in the wash too often, may contribute to hygiene issues and may even be a slip hazard (and no thank you to more laundry, right?!)
  • Natural Rubber: we found that it was so difficult to clean and that it became really sticky.
  • PVC: is something we really wanted to avoid due to the toxic chemicals and carcinogens it releases.
  • EPE: is a nice soft foam but it isn’t robust or durable enough. We wanted a product that is worth the investment and that lasts for years.
  1. We wanted them to be the right thickness.

Our play mats are super soft, protective and shock absorbent; they have a premium quality 15mm memory foam core and we found this thickness to be just right.

  • 2mm was too thin and we found them to be not as protective and shock absorbent.
  • 2mm was just too thick, as it was a trip hazard. 
  1. We wanted them to be really stylish (not just “minimal”) so that they actually compliment your home

For your own well-being (and family’s), we believe that your home should welcome you with open arms! Creating a space where stress and strains can melt away, a space where you can rejuvenate and soak some precious moments with your family “in the comfort of your home”. Where you can feel most at ease, and simply be.

When buying a play mat you will see the word minimalism thrown out there quite a lot. There is a misconception that minimalism means free of texture or pattern. That minimalism is just plain or ordinary...

Here at Rugabub, we believe that minimalism does not mean boring. More people prefer to live a life of simplicity. People are farewelling their clutter and integrating a cleaner life. They’re investing in fine-looking pieces that complement their space, they are looking for pieces that are durable, rather than filling their home with meaningless objects.

Simplifying too much can leave your space cold and uninviting. Adding something that you need (like a play mat) that doesn’t complement your interior can feel like clutter. This is what happened to us. We purchased a play mat with minimal design, but it just didn’t look right. It was something that we needed and looked like clutter in our home because it didn’t compliment our space. Then we thought of getting the puzzled ones. First of all they were either made of EPE (too light weighted and aren’t durable) or EVA (which is banned in Europe because of the toxins), and let’s be serious here, the only time you un puzzle it so that your place looks neat is when the kids go to sleep. So what is the point, really? Just creates more work, and the play mat is visible throughout the whole day anyhow…

So, this is where Rugabub comes in.

Our designs are timeless and simple, but still carry with them just a hint of sophistication in the most stylish & chic manner. We still keep our designs neutral enough to go with anything. Our obsession with fine-looking play mats has translated into an astoundingly diverse collection. From colourful ethnic parades to casual & cool, plush beachy naturals to classic & soft, as we endeavour to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every play mat we offer.

Rather than ADDING a play mat to your home (because you need one, even if the design is minimal), WHY NOT FIND A PLAY MAT THAT COMPLEMENTS YOUR SPACE? 

Rugabub was designed to be a part of your home. Not an addition to your home 🤍🤍

If you searched for the perfect play mat for your family, and ended up on our website, rest assure that you have chosen the correct play mat, as we have meticulously designed every aspect of this play mat to ensure that you get the best in the market. Our play mats can’t be beaten. 

Still undecided? See what people have to say about our mats in their reviews!

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