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Rugabub Play Mat

I gave birth on a Rugabub

"I gave birth on a Rugabub, thank you" was the message that we received. You can imagine how surprised we were!

Rugabub Play Mat birth

"On Friday 22 July our baby boy Bodhi made a quick and dramatic entrance into the world at 11.40pm and was delivered by his Dad on our living room floor, on one of your play mats!! As soon as I felt the urge to push my partner yelled: 'get on the play mat' as we are currently in a rental that’s all carpet.

From the first intense contraction where we decided we should call my mum to come over to mind our four year old to Bodhi’s arrival was less than 15 minutes.

My first labour was pretty quick too  - under three hours and we always joked about not making it to the hospital second time around but we never thought it would actually happen.

The play mat cleaned up perfectly even after the mess of child birth 😂😂 Broken waters, baby and placenta. Shortly after, the paramedics arrived and we were taken to hospital. We are all healthy and doing well despite the shock of it all!"

Gave birth on your play mat

Thanks Chloe, for sharing your amazing story with us. Bhodi is so gorgeous!

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