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Large Indigo / Ocean Road Play Mat

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Colour: White/creamy background with soft black dots.

Australia’s award-winning soft foam padded play mats are the safest, eco-friendly, waterproof play mats available for your baby. Perfect as a nursery rug and as a tummy time play mat.

An incredibly plush, safe & durable play mat for the whole family to enjoy for years. As we endeavour to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every play mat we offer, rest assured that we have meticulously designed every aspect of this play mat to ensure you get the best in the market.

Our play mats can’t be beaten.

The Indigo Play Mat is part of our unique collection of designer Play Mats. The delicate boho play mat is just enough to be a tad chic, but overall expresses elegance in the high-end style.

If you are a fan of neutral colours, but also don’t want to fall flat and come out boring, this mat is just what you want. The slightly boho pattern is bold enough to bring out character in any room.

And when we say “safe play without compromise” we mean it! Compromising goes both ways. So, we have crafted a stylish side that respects parents, and when you flip the play (!!) mat over, you will treasure a fun, minimal and playful map for the whole family to enjoy. It is called The Ocean Road and it marks the inaugural occasion where I allowed my 3-year-old to actively shape the whimsical design. I inquired about his preferences, and together, we pored over the Pantone book, with him even selecting the colours he desired. I found it delightful to have a child's input in determining the playful appearance of the fun side.

Despite a few non-negotiables, such as maintaining a minimalist design to encourage imaginative play, providing ample land space for children to construct their desired environments, and including elements like roads, water, and train tracks, I was committed to preserving an open area. I truly believe that leaving some space unadorned fosters creativity. When every detail, like trees and houses, is illustrated on the play mat, it leaves little room for the imagination to roam free.

I must confess, allowing my three-year-old to contribute to the decisions was quite daunting for me. I likely would have made different choices, so listening to him and accepting his preferences added an unexpectedly magical dimension to the entire process.  Observing his imagination take flight, witnessing his thought process unfold, the joyous smiles, meticulous planning, and hours of sheer delight have rendered this experience truly enchanting. May your little loves encounter a similar magical journey on this play mat. 

 We hope you love it as much as we do.

Please note actual colours may vary. It’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. This is because every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We try to edit our photos to show the products as life-like as possible, also adding a large variety of photos for each product.

Please note: We have eliminated all harsh, & toxic preserving chemicals (like PVC) from our play mats, which may lead to slight yellow discolouration over time, which is more pronounced around the outer edges. This happens more with the brighter coloured play mats like the Indigo design.

Every Rugabub Play Mat undergoes manual printing, resulting in a unique repeat pattern for each mat. Therefore, if you buy multiple play mats, they are unlikely to match perfectly. Nonetheless, they still complement each other beautifully when placed side by side.

Rugabub Play Mat vs Others


PVC Play Mat

Soft Touch Mat

100% non-toxic

Certified for newborns



Wipes clean




Award-winning designs

Designer side & PLAY side

Rugabub play mats have consistently clinched numerous awards due to their exceptional blend of innovation, safety, and design.

Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play Mat Award
Play mat Award

Rugabub Baby Play Mats

Effortlessly combine safety, practicality, playfulness and aesthetic appeal making them leaders in the play mat industry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Stunning mat with fun side too

These play mats are a game-changer for parents. They're easy to clean and provide a safe play area. Well done! We are obsessed.

Katie B
Head over heels for the Indigo Play Mat!

Its black and creamy white hues, along with the beautifully printed shapes, make it a design standout. My friends who don't have babies want one too! It is so soft you can lie on it forever.

Like walking on a cloud

By far the most stunning rug (okay play mat) ever, we ordered on Sunday night, it was shipped on Monday and we had it at our door safely packed on Tuesday morning, I couldn't be happier with the service (I even sent a pic of our new couch prior to choosing the right rug for us, it's better than I could have imagined and so soft, I don't want to be dramatic, but its like walking on a cloud 🤣. Anyway we now need a rug/play mat for every room.

Best purchase

My wife was begging for one of these for ages, and I hate to admit it, but she was right to have done so.
Great quality, our home looks incredible and we spend so much time as a family on this mat. Highly recommend.

Passes the test

The play mat's design is mesmerising. Love that it ius black and white for the early stages and still looks AMAZING in our home. This visually stimulating environment sparks my baby's curiosity and imagination, helping them develop essential cognitive and sensory skills. As a paediatrician, this was really important to me. Great job Rug A bub.